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We are in VK: https://vk.com/myfolks 

We are MYFOLKS family, the most close and close people and friends   - brand of women's clothing, we produce comfortable, elegant and beautiful clothes made of high quality fabrics, mostly of European manufacture for everyday life, as well as beautiful dresses for special occasions in which you will be admired!

We want to please friends and relatives, all beautiful women and wrap them in natural, affectionate, cozy embraces - natural fabrics that can show our love and care, warmth and tenderness.

In our models, we strive to convey the generosity of nature, colors, the harmony of the breath of life, the delight of color solutions that support and emphasize the beauty and perfection of women, her eyes, skin and hair, individuality and freedom of expression in this world.

Our models are for all fine ladies, so we are happy to   create them   with a wide scale of a dimension row of 38 to 60 size.

We are sewing with love to   business and respect for our customers, adhere to natural color harmonies and textures that contribute to the preservation of mental and physical health. Natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, viscose and linen have unsurpassed qualities of comfort, are used by people for centuries, they are loved and respected around the world, including the most famous couturiers, so we continue and support the tradition of using natural fabrics, and our things often become irreplaceable and loved.

  MYFOLKS - our clothes are comfortable, varied and affordable,

  • free and "breathing" - for hot days
  • emphasizing silhouette and refinement - for special cases
  • - really warm, made of natural materials, but elegant and not adding centimeters in volume
  • cozy and sweet, creating a sense of security
  • Romantic and charming for sunny days
  • coquettish and touching for dating and creating a mood
  • discreet and casual, with fashionable and creative details  


Sales consultants will meet you   with respect and attention, get acquainted with the collection of our clothes, help pick up the models.

Our large and light fitting rooms will allow you to comfortably and slowly choose the clothes that suit you, emphasizing your personality and natural beauty, creating an image that pleases you.

We work 7 days a week from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm 


Let our clothes bring joy into your life!


The team MYFOLKS

We are in VK: https://vk.com/myfolks